Les Rencontres Jean-Marc Quarin Brussels

When a selection of Bordeaux rekindles the taste of wine!

Jean-Marc Quarin, independent wine critic and specialist in Bordeaux wines, and Fabrice Léger invite the Swiss public, both amateurs and professionals, to come and taste the selection of wines that are shaking up the Bordeaux region.

This unique selection, where only the quality of the taste is taken into account, mixes little-known  Outsiders wines and classified growths that do not rest on their laurels, for the pleasure of the ever-increasing number of visitors.

A unique opportunity to come and discover in preview, even before the enthusiasm of the “market” for such and such a vintage or such and such a cru, the Bordeaux wines that rekindles the taste of wine. All these wines are selected by Jean-Marc Quarin (www.quarin.com), an independent critic and author based in Bordeaux. His will is to emphasise the novelties that are imperceptible when you are far from this vineyard. However, he lives and works there every day.

Statistics show that between the beginning of a qualitative effort and its recognition by the trade, it takes an average of 10 years.

Com’in the city mission: Implementation of the wine tasting show through a Public Relations and Influence campaign in Belgium. Researching and setting up BtoB and BtoC partnerships.